Our Philosophy

Grassroots Networking

We strongly believe that all Kiwis deserve the same opportunity to access the internet. Just because you live rurally should not mean you have to fork out hundreds of dollars a month to subscribe to a substandard internet plan, with expensive data and poor connectivity speeds. Venture Networks takes a grassroots approach to bridging this geographic digital divide. Our residential internet plans are no nonsense and offer service as fast as we can provide. Our service is also free of data-caps. Currently, our services are provisioned over high-speed wireless, and fibre selected areas.

Our Network

About our network

Our network uses high speed wireless to cover the majority of the Horowhenua, and some of the Southern Manawatu.

We are also in the process of deploying a high speed fibre optic network in select areas. The two optical pilot sites are Te Whanga Road and Te Rohenga Road. As we expand our network we also plan to expand our optical coverage.


Do I need to keep my landline?

No, although this is up to you. VoIP (Voice over IP) is a good alternative to your landline, and usually much cheaper. Venture Networks does not provide phone services, but our friends at 2Talk do. Their plans start from only $10 per month - and you can keep your existing landline number. You should also be aware that VoIP relies on internet connectivity. This means that if your power goes out and you do not have a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) or battery backup, your phone line will not be available.

Do I need a new email address?

This depends if you have an account through your current ISP (Internet Service Provider) or not. Depending on the policy of your previous ISP, your email account with them may be disabled once you end your contract. If you want to move your email, or want a new email address, you can sign up to a free platform such as Gmail.

How much does it cost to get connected?

Our standard installation fee is $300 including GST, through depending on your plan this might be already be covered. This includes everything you need to get connected to our network. This also includes a wireless router for your home.